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The work and adventures of Dwayne Hodgson,
+ Learning Designer & Facilitator at learningcycle.ca
+ Storyteller & Photographer @ thataway.ca

articles & podcasts  

Here are a few articles that I wrote on Dialogue Education when I was working at Global Learning Partners.

Finding the Sweet Spot: Creating Learning-Centred Workshops. Voices in Dialogue, an e-Journal of Global Learning Partners. Summer 2010.

An Objective, Reflective Perspective on the Subject of Effective Affective :-). Voices in Dialogue. http://www.globalearning.com/voices/2009winter/Effective-Affective-by-Dwayne-Hodgson.htm. Issue 16. Winter 2009

Blending Power Point and Dialogue Education. Voices in Dialogue. www.globalearning.com/voices/2007autumn/hodgson.htm Global Learning Partners, Inc. Issue 11 / Autumn 2007.

    Power Tools: Dialogue Education and Community Development. Voices in Dialogue. www.globalearning.com/voices/2006winter/communitydev.htm . Global Learning Partners, Inc. Issue 8 / Winter 2006.

    Echoes of Conversations Past. Voices in Dialogue. www.globalearning.com/voices/2005summer/echoes.htm . Global Learning Partners, Inc. Issue 2 / Summer 2005.

    Too Much Blank for the Blank Game. Voices in Dialogue. www.globalearning.com/voices/2005summer/WhatfortheWhen.htm  Global Learning Partners, Inc. Issue 2 / Summer 2005.

    Pasha, Pasha, Pasha….Choma! (Guest column on Dr. Jane Vella’s online journal). www.globalearning.com/journalarchive/4-22-03.pdf. 2003.