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An Inconvenient Muse

by Dwayne Hodgson

Songs of faithful doubt.

Okay, this is admittedly a vanity project. These are some “demo tracks” of songs that I have had bouncing around in my head for years, or in some cases, just a few days….. and I have to put them somewhere before they’re gone.

In the spirit of “rapid prototyping”, these recordings are of the “good enough / push on” variety. It’s only Garage Band, not studio quality, but hopefully they are a close enough approximation of what my Muse has been telling me.

Here are the liner notes in case you want to sing along :-). Some of these songs are quite sad, I’ll admit. Others are silly. All of them reflect where I was at the time when I received them, but not necessarily where I am right now. Don’t worry; I’m fine.

I may come back and remix these tunes if I have time, so please check back periodically.

Peace, dh

BTW, there can be a bit of a lag between clicking “play” and the song starting. Just be patient, and in the silence, listen for what your own Muse is telling you.