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learning design canvas

A Learning Design Canvas (LDC) is a simple design tool that helps you map out all of the steps of design for a learning event on on page. I created the LDC by mashing Dr. Jane Vella's Steps of Design with Osterwalder and Pigeneur's Business Model Generation Canvas, a great one-page tool for drawing out a business idea. 

How to Use the LDC 

  1. Watch this video that explains how to map out the Steps of Design. 
  2. Download the PDF in either Legal (8.5 x 11) or Tabloid (11 x 17) format. 
  3. Print one copy for the group or one per member as you wish. 
  4. Write your ideas on small (1.5 x 2") post-its and stick them in the appropriate quadrants for each design parameter. Using post-its allows you to edit freely. 
  5. Start by naming the elements that you know about the event or that have already been decided (e.g. dates, location, keynote). 
  6. Fill in the additional details as you design and modify them as you design the program further. 

NB: A LDC is not a substitute for a program or full learning design. You will also need to provide additional details on the Learning Tasks on another page.  

Advantages of Using the LDC

Using a LDC can help you collect your thoughts, name what is missing and ensure that the program holds together.

I also find it useful when designing a workshop, webinar or conference with a group because it ensures that everyone's concerns and helps "keep us the same page". 

It can also be a useful evaluation tool to identify missing elements in a workshop design or event.