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How to Set Up a Website

Well, okay, here we go. Time to launch the new website.

I have played around with websites back in the 90's (no, really) when I was working in Tanzania and I self-published a series called "A Swahili Lexicon: Words and stories from Tanzania". I suppose I was kind of writing a blog before the word existed. 

More recently, I worked with a great graphic designer, Ian Sterne, to revamp the website for the Canadian Global Campaign for Education. Ian had recommended www.squarespace.com, and I became quite comfortable with the interface. 

My hope for this site is that I can profile and reflect upon some of the work that I've been doing in the fields of learning design and facilitation (training) and community development both here in Canada and overseas. 

Why "Learning Cycle"?

I struggled to come up with a good URL since both of my names are hard to spell. But in the end, I'm going to try "www.learningcycle.ca" for three reasons:

1. Good adult learning experiences are often designed according to a learning cycle -- either the Kolb's Cycle (Experience, Reflection, Generalization, Application), Jane Vella's Four A's (Anchor (inductive), Add (input), Apply (implementation), Away (integration), or others.

2. Strong, participatory, community development processes follow a cycle of Praxis -- Action and Reflection -- that supports continuous learning and innovation.

3. I really like bicycles. :-) I see them as a means of transport that is appropriate, sustainable, self-propelled, participatory, fun and good for the planet -- all things that good learning and development processes should be. 

And if anyone is reading this, please let me know what you think. 

Peace, Dwayne