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A Learning Design Canvas - A Video Tutorial

The Epic Search for... A Steps of Design Template...

A few months back....I ask for feedback on a draft "learning design canvas" -- a new-fangled graphic that would show how the various steps of a learning design fit together in a compelling visual format that would simplify the design the process and save the world!

Okay, maybe not, but this is what I came up with (click on the image on the right to make it bigger...). 

I really enjoyed hearing your responses to the sketch, and learning more about the templates that you're using. I've summarized these at the end of that last posting.

A Picture = 1,000 Words But A Video = a Million!

I've also been looking for a way to explain how to the use the canvas, so I put together the following video that explains how it works. Take a look (viewed best in full screen mode.)

Further modifications?

At the risk of geeking out, I toyed with the idea of adding two more cells beside the Why to show how the 8th and 9th steps of design fit in. These include:

8) SO THAT?: the change in behaviour that the learners will hopefully demonstrate when they apply their new learning in their workplace or community (e.g. they will make better food choices). This is what Vella, Berardinelli & Burrow (1997) called "Transfer".

9) SO WHAT?: the change in condition that will result for the learner and/or their workplace or community as a result of the new behaviour (e.g. they will lose weight).  Also referred to as "Impact" (Ibid). 

Here is a Word Version of the learning design canvase template that you can use to design your next learning event. 

I even played around with showing the 10th step of design........but I think that the canvas is crowded enough for today. We can revisit that another time. 

Happy designing and have a great week!