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Social Analysis Systems 2

Today I am taking part in a three-day workshop with Daniel Buckles and Jacques Chevalier on Social Analysis Systems. This is a great toolbox of participatory action research and learning tools that you can use to facilitate group learning, design, planning and evaluation processes. They have provided an amazing binder full of "how-to" guides for nearly 50 approaches and we're working through a few key tools together.

I've really enjoyed the workshop so far, and it is exciting to learn some new approaches from such experienced, and passionate facilitators. This is probably the most significant training that I have done since taking "Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach: An Introduction to Dialogue Education" with Jane Vella and Peter Noteboom in 2002 -- a truly life-changing experience that helped me undo some of the bad habits I learned in graduate school (e.g. lecturing, dumping information, being uncomfortable with challenges).

I'm similarly excited about how SAS2 will give me some new knowledge, skills and attitudes for more open-ended process facilitation and some much-needed, more-accessible approaches for community development project planning. Their Process Management tools, in particular, look more intuitive, realistic and rigorous than RBM -- especially for situations where you are working in more complicated or complex environments.  More on that another day.