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Teaching Results-Based Management Using Metaphors

I love using metaphors in learning designs! A good metaphor is to learning is like a....oh, sorry, that was technically a simile.... 

But nonetheless, sometimes using a story or analogy can help illustrate a complex idea in terms that a learner can get their mind around. Throw in some good visuals, et voilà. Instant learn-- well, no actually, sometimes learners don't relate to the metaphor that I suggest. In those cases, I would try a different set of ideas and images, and/or ask them to come up with a better metaphor to explain the concept. 

2 Slideshows Explaining RBM Using Metaphors

Below are two slide shows that I prepared for Save the Children a few years ago that use metaphors and analogies to explain a somewhat complex and arcane approach to community development planning called "Results-Based Management" or "RBM." I haven't looked at them in a while, but the recent statistics from "Slide Share" have shown a bump in interest, so I thought that I'd repost them here in case anyone wants to use them. 

As you read, consider how does this metaphor help you understand the concept of RBM better? What does it confuse for you? What would be a better analogy or metaphor for you?