Dwayne Hodgson

A Portfolio

The work and adventures of Dwayne Hodgson,
+ Learning Designer & Facilitator at learningcycle.ca
+ Storyteller & Photographer @ thataway.ca


A selection of pictures from our travels, near and far, with links to the related blog posts. 

A blessing of friends

July 22, 2014
Photos from our go-away-already-would-ya party, featuring singer-songwriter, Craig Cardiff. 

Orbiting Ottawa

August 1 - 27, 2014
Some pictures from the first leg of our trip in orbit +/- 3 hours from Ottawa, Canada. 

Southern (Ontario) Sojourn

August 27 - September 16, 2014
Before leaving Canada, we visited with folks from both of our extended families in Southern Ontario. 

Istanbul, Turkey

September 16 - 25, 2014
Our first impressions of Istanbul. (Stay tuned for more! We're far from the Internet here....)

Canakkale, Turkey

September 25-28, 2014