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The work and adventures of Dwayne Hodgson,
+ Learning Designer & Facilitator at learningcycle.ca
+ Storyteller & Photographer @ thataway.ca

the open road is calling us....thataway!

the open road is calling us....thataway!

we're went  ....thataway!

From August 2014 - July 2015, we took a "sabbatical year" to:

  • take a break from our work;
  • bust our kids out of school to become "road scholars"
  • explore some cool parts of the world...

We saw this as a chance to:

  • help our kids develop a global perspective 
  • visit old friends and meet some new ones, 
  • take lots of great photographs & 
  • relax, re-connect, reflect & recharge  before our next phases of work, school and family life.

Below is a Prezi with our itinerary....

Read all about it...

While we were travelling, we sent some "postcards" with stories and photos of our adventures. We hope to add another chapter in a few years!