Dwayne Hodgson

A Portfolio

The work and adventures of Dwayne Hodgson,
+ Learning Designer & Facilitator at learningcycle.ca
+ Storyteller & Photographer @ thataway.ca



In my various consulting and staff roles with non-profit organizations, I help them create learning and training programs that are engaging, effective and enduring.  These include designing,  facilitating, and evaluating:

  • customized face-to-face workshops, training programs, and conferences;
  • engaging online learning, knowledge management  and peer learning platforms (e.g. webinars, websites, forums and online courses);
  • accountable project designs with common-sense monitoring and evaluation frameworks; and 
  • productive meetings, strategic planning and evaluation processes. 

As I've learned "on the job" and through my association with Global Learning Partners and the work of Dr. Jane Vella and others, I've jotted down a few reflections on a blog that you may find interesting.

I've also posted some articles, podcasts and other tools that I hope you'll find helpful.

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