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Zoe's Top Ten Tips for Tweens Travelling in Morocco

Hello, from 30,000 feet above France.

As we are leaving Morocco, I wanted to share my...

Top Ten Tips for Tweens Travelling in Morocco 

1. Don’t touch carpets unless you want to end up in the basement of a carpet seller’s shop, drinking tea and haggling over a carpet that you did not even want in the first place. Also, never believe the ‘just for looking, just for looking’  line; it is always a lie.

2. Tagine is good, but try to eat other foods when you can. Because once you get out of town you will eat nothing but Tagine.

3. When shopping for souvenirs in the medina, if the shop your at does not have exactly what your looking for, go somewhere else. If you are in the Fez or Marrakech medina, or any other big medina for that matter, there will be a shop selling exactly what you want. You just have to look for it. :)

4. If you go to a local Hammam  keep in mind that its not a spa, it’s a bath house. So, people are dressed as you would be if you were taking a bath, and any idea you had of keeping your towel on will disappear the moment you enter the main room. ; )

5. In Morocco there are two kinds of taxis, Grand Taxi et Petit Taxi. Petit Taxis can hold three people, no more. It is illegal to have more than three people in a petit taxi.

6. When haggling about taxi fare, if the guy you’re talking to won’t give you a fair price, walk away. He’ll either give you a fair price or you can easily find someone who will.                               

7. Go to Fez last, if possible. It’s called the arts and craft capital of Morocco with good reason, you can find any souvenir you want with a better price and quality in Fez.  Because we are trying to travel light, we would rather carry souvenirs for the shortest time possible. So it makes more sense to go to the place with good souvenirs last.

8. Camels are much more comfortable for long periods when ridden side-saddle, just hold on VERY tightly when going up sand dunes. (trust me, I almost fell off)

9. It’s necessary to bring a varied wardrobe when your travelling in Morocco. You’ll be freezing in the mountains one day and sweltering in the desert the next.

10. Take lots of pictures, there are tons of interesting things to see in Morocco and even more things to take pictures of. From little shops in the souks, to stunning panoramas, Morocco is an extremely picturesque country.