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Lessons Learned on the Road - Episode 3

As we've written before (Episode 1 & Episode 2), Zoe and Isaac have been  "Road Scholars" this year.  This has included:

  • tonnes of independent reading -- Isaac has really hit his stride on this trip;

  • some math practice using Jumpmath and IXL (" 'cause it's good for ya! that's why!");

  • journal and blog post writing, as well as some practice with cursive and printing; 

  • some other online learning (big shout out to Crash Course educational videos!); and

Our recent visits to Morocco and the United Kingdom have also included  a heap of "world-class," experiential learning in history, geography, social studies, ecology, and cross-cultural communication. Here are some highlights: 

Zoe at the Jardin Marjorelle, Marrakesh

Zoe at the Jardin Marjorelle, Marrakesh


  • the Old Medina in Fez, a 30-square-kilometre, largely covered, medieval market-place -- the largest car-free space in the world -- although there are plenty of donkeys; 
  • Volubulis, the best-preserved, ancient Roman city in North Africa;
  • the Islamic pilgrimmage site at Moulay Idriss, where Muslims who can't afford to make the Haj to Mecca can apparently visit five times instead;
  • the Bab Mansour gate and the nearby Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail in Meknes
  • Tromping around the town of Chefchaouen, with its very walkable and very blue medina, from which we did a couple of great day hikes; 
  • La Maison de la Photographie in Marrakesh -- a great collection of large-format black and white photos from historic Morocco;
  • Jamaa el-Fnaa, the main square of Marrakesh, where we saw snake charmers, drummers and vendors
  • the Saadian Tombs,  Marrakesh;
  • hiking in the Atlas Mountains (near Imlil) to mountain passes covered in snow.
  • zip-lining and high ropes near Marrakech; 
  • Jardin Majorelle, a botanical garden / art museum in Marrakesh; 
  • a trek on dromedaries into the Sahara Desert, where we slept overnight at a Berber camp;
  • a walk by the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca -- unfortunately, we missed the visiting hours, but the outside sure was impressive; one of the largest mosques in the world, Isaac tells me.


Zoe and Isaac put their money down on Canada -- Trafalgar Square

Zoe and Isaac put their money down on Canada -- Trafalgar Square

United Kingdom

We're looking forward to learning more in the next legs of our trip. Stay tuned.